Sigfox Netherlands is the exclusive Sigfox network operator in the Netherlands. This network allows for IoT devices to communicate with low power over long distances. The Sigfox network in the Netherlands covers 95% of the population and 98% of the country. Besides deploying the Sigfox network, we are also actively engaged, together with experienced partners, in Sigfox enabled IoT solutions. Sigfox Netherlands is part of Citymesh.


Low Cost

Cut costs with our price-competitive connectivity subscriptions and extremely simple and cost-efficient silicon modules.


Low Power

Consume the lowest energy for device-to-cloud connectivity.


Complementary Technology

Improve your business cases and user experience drastically by combining other connectivity solutions with Sigfox. Sigfox is compatible with Bluetooth, 2G, 3G, 4G and Wifi.

Case Studies

Read about the work we do and how we’ve helped our customers.

The markets we operate in

Find out how Sigfox technology is used in various markets. For every market we have listed a number of use cases.